{ "post": { "__typename": "Post", "id": "cG9zdDoxNzk3Nw==", "content": "<p><b>(LANSDALE, PA)</b> &#8211; Keystone Technologies is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Josh Insogna to Vice President of Sales &#8211; Distribution.</p>\n<p> Insogna, a seven-year veteran of Keystone, was previously Director of Sales, in charge of several territories at the company. In his new position, he will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive sales plan that includes new and existing sales strategies for electrical distribution sales throughout the United States.</p>\n<p><img loading=\"lazy\" decoding=\"async\" src=\"https://cms.keystonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Josh-Insogna.jpg\" alt=\"Josh Insogna\" width=\"296\" height=\"197\" rowspan=\"6\"></p>\n<p>Insogna will report to Josh Brown, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Distributor Sales.</p>\n<p>“Josh has a very high business acumen and a great understanding of the bigger picture and what it takes to lead,” said Brown. “He has great respect both inside and outside the company, and is regarded as one of the best manufacturer managers out there. He’ll now be overseeing all the sales agencies in the country and be responsible for motivating and growing that business.”</p>\n<p>Insogna came to Keystone after several years in the hospitality industry and started as a sales territory manager for the central part of the United States. He praises Keystone’s inclusive, idea-rich environment and is anticipating engaging more deeply with Keystone’s salesforce and helping to expand Keystone’s business.</p>\n<p>“We want to have the widest variety of LED products in the industry, continue to be the easiest manufacturer to do business with, and especially, we want to support our distributor partners in growing their business,” he said. “This is an exciting time to be part of the lighting industry and Keystone is at the forefront of it with innovation and service. I’m glad to be taking a new role at the company and continuing the Keystone tradition of Light Made Easy®.”</p>\n<h4>About Keystone Technologies:</h4>\n<p>For more than 75 years, Keystone Technologies has been a leader in creating quality-driven lighting solutions for the industry’s top lighting fixture manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The company’s initial ballast offering has grown to a full catalog of lighting products from more than 20 fulfillment centers across the United States, including a comprehensive line of LED lamps, bulbs, and tubes; indoor and outdoor LED fixtures and retrofit kits; emergency LED solutions; and controls, ballasts, and power supplies. Keystone is dedicated to the mission that lighting should be simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable: Light Made Easy®.</p>\n<p>\n", "title": "Keystone Technologies Promotes Josh Insogna to Vice President of Sales – Distribution", "date": "2021-08-26T16:19:43", "seo": { "__typename": "PostTypeSEO", "metaDesc": "", "title": "Keystone Technologies Promotes Josh Insogna to Vice President of Sales – Distribution | keystone", "metaRobotsNofollow": "follow", "metaRobotsNoindex": "index", "metaKeywords": "" } } }